watermelonSummer Camp Purple Door

For kids 3 years old through 5th grade!

summer campCamp Purple Door starts June 13th and runs for eight weeks! Each week has a fun and exciting theme!

Current Purple Door students are required to sign up for at least 4 of the 8 weeks and you can pick and choose which weeks you’re interested in and sign your student(s) up for just those. If your student does not attend 4 or more weeks, they will be put on the bottom of our wait list and are not guaranteed a spot when the new school year starts on August 15th.

Siblings and friends through 5th grade can attend Camp Purple Door too! Children over the age of six will be in a class of their own and go on a field trip every day and will not be in classes with preschoolers.

Camps begins each day at 8:45am and ends at 3:00pm. Early drop-off at 7:00am and late pick up until 6:00pm are available for an additional fee (see fee schedule below).

summer camp

Wingfield Sparks

Child Signup


Midtown Reno

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summer camp playground

A $25 deposit is required for each week of camp you sign up for.  Any camps you sign up for in June will automatically be charged on June 13th (the first day of Summer Camps) and any camps you sign up for in July will be automatically charged on July 1st and the August camp will be automatically charged on August 1st if you sign up for it. You will be sent a conformation email after you sign up.  Please keep that email on file to refer back to.  If you are signing up both a preschool AND elementary school student, please return to this page to sign them up using the correct links.  Make sure to choose the “payment plan” option when checking out if you do not want to pay in full at this time!

There will be a $25 per camp charge for any camp you need to change or cancel and there will be no refunds on camps that you cancel less then 10 days prior to that camp.